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* These species are required to be euthanized by law supported by the PA Department of Health and the PA Game Commission to prevent endangerment of humans by transmitted rabies

Harrisburg, PA Flying Squirrel Relocation

Flying Squirrels

SquirrelsFlying squirrels are abundant in Pennsylvania, but not often seen because of their nocturnal nature.

The Northern Flying Squirrels, found mostly in the Poconos and northern forested regions, have been placed on the endangered species list, most likely due to the reduction of conifers that are a major food source.

The Southern Flying Squirrels, predominant in our area, are not protected as they are plentiful.

They exhibit the same nuisance behavior as the tree squirrel � gnawing, entry into attics for nesting. Telltale signs are black staining around walls, soffit panels and ceilings, and fecal matter on flat surfaces.

About Flying Squirrels

Southern Flying Squirrels have grey-brown fur on their backs and have a cream-colored underbody. They are smaller than the tree squirrel and have large dark eyes and a flattened tail.

Nuts, acorns, seeds, eggs, fruit and young birds provide primary sustenance. They congregate in colonies, sometimes exceeding 30 members, mating in the Spring with 3-8 offspring. Their homing abilities are excellent, being able to return to a nest after being transferred more than a mile away.


Flying squirrels are carriers of a variety of parasites that can transfer diseases to humans. While relatively rare, flying squirrels can transfer sylvatic typhus to humans via the lice, fleas and mites they carry.

Removal of Flying Squirrels

When flying squirrels become a nuisance, cause damage to your home and property, or take residence in your attic, please call Harrisburg, PA based Nuisance Wildlife to safely remove and relocate them at a distance where they cannot return.

Your property should then be "squirrel-proofed" to keep them away by:

  • Sealing all areas of access to your attic � making sure vents are properly screened, and any gnawed entry is sealed with sheet metal, hardware cloth, or steel wool
  • If your chimney is open, purchase a pre-made chimney cap to keep out unwanted wildlife
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