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Squirrels are abundant throughout Pennsylvania, interesting and entertaining with their rambunctious scrambling and leaping through trees and their quirky mannerisms. But, like other rodents, squirrels have front teeth that constantly grow, requiring a lot of gnawing to keep them in check. So these cute little animals quickly become major nuisances to homeowners, businesses and industries alike.

They have voracious appetites and will eats nuts, berries, bird seed, and vegetables in gardens. They can nest in your attic, identified by scurrying or gnawing sounds coming from the attic. Squirrels cause damage to insulation in attics and walls and may chew on electrical wiring, causing power outages and fires. When food becomes scarce they will damage vegetation by gnawing the bark off the limbs of trees and ornamental plants.

Squirrel Removal in Harrisburg PAAbout Squirrels

They are herbivores, relying on proteins, carbohydrates and fats. They are active during the daytime, and breed once or twice a year, with average litters of 3 usually born in early spring and early fall. Their life span can extend to 6-10 years, resulting in a very large squirrel population.

Squirrel Diseases

Squirrels are not noted for disease transmission, but they can carry parasites.

Professional Removal and Control of Squirrels

When squirrels become a nuisance, cause damage to your home and property, or take residence in your attic, please call Harrisburg area Nuisance Wildlife to safely capture them using a squirrel trap and relocate them.

Your property should then be “squirrel-proofed” to keep them away by:

  • Sealing all areas of access to your attic — making sure vents are properly screened, and any gnawed entry is sealed with sheet metal, hardware cloth, or steel wool
  • If your chimney is open, purchase a pre-made chimney cap to keep out unwanted wildlife
  • Trim tree limbs back 8 – 10 feet from the roof to prevent squirrels from jumping to an access point
  • To prevent squirrels from climbing trees, you can place a metal band about 2 feet wide and 6-8 feet off the ground, however if squirrels can jump tree to tree to gain access to the roof, this method will not be effective

Service Areas

We offer squirrel removal and control in Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, Duncannon, Enola, Dillsburg, Carlisle, Camp Hill, New Cumberland, Lemoyne, Wormleysburg, Hershey, Marysville, Hummelstown, Steelton, Middletown, Highspire, Halifax, Dauphin and other areas within a 25 mile radius of the Harrisburg area.

We provide squirrel removal and in Dauphin County which includes Lower Paxton Township, Middle Paxton Township, Susquehanna Township, Derry Township, Swatara Township, Lower Swatara Township, East Hanover Township, West Hanover Township, South Hanover Township, and Londonderry Township.

We provide squirrel removal and in Cumberland County which includes East Pennsboro Township, Hampden Township, Lower Allen Township, Upper Allen Township, Middlesex Township, Silver Spring Township.

We provide squirrel removal and in Perry County which includes Rye Township, Penn Township.

We provide squirrel removal and in York County which includes Carrol Township, Newberry Township, Fairview Township, Monaghan Township.

Please call Nuisance Wildlife at 717-732-8099 and receive a FREE Phone Consultation for immediate humane removal of the offending creature. We have the experience to safely remove nuisances and keep them from coming in contact with you, your family, and your property