Fox Control and Removal

Red and grey foxes are found throughout Pennsylvania. Smaller than a medium-sized dog, they possess a keen sense of smell, sight and hearing, making them an intelligent and agile predator. The red fox has a distinctive red-orange fur, a bushy, white-tipped tail and black legs. The grey fox has black and grey fur with tan under fur and a bushy tail with a black tip.

fox-removalAbout Foxes

Foxes usually live in dens with small family groups and are nocturnal animals, although is is not unusual to see them at dawn or dusk. They generally hunt live prey, such as rodents and other small animals, with their distinctive pouncing technique killing their prey quickly.

Their nature makes them for good rodent control for the neighboring human population, but it also puts cats and small domesticated animals at risk. In agricultural areas, foxes raiding the chicken coop are often heard of along with attacks on other small animals and birds. As omnivores they will also eat other foods from insects to fruit and berries.

They mate annually and have their litter in the spring. Foxes are wary of humans, yet have adapted well to living amongst the human population in cities and rural areas. They are not generally harmful to humans, but carry a range of diseases and can bite if cornered or harassed.

Fox Diseases

Foxes can carry fleas, ticks and parasites. They can also carry rabies, distemper and mange that are transferable to humans and domestic pets.

Professional Removal and Control of Foxes

Foxes can be removed from the premises by trapping. The law demands that foxes be euthanized in all cases to prevent rabies in humans and domestic animals. Please call Harrisburg PA based Nuisance Wildlife to safely remove them while protecting you, your pets and property.

Service Areas

We offer fox control and removal in Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, Duncannon, Enola, Dillsburg, Carlisle, Camp Hill, New Cumberland, Lemoyne, Wormleysburg, Hershey, Marysville, Hummelstown, Steelton, Middletown, Highspire, Halifax, Dauphin and other areas within a 25 mile radius of the Harrisburg area.

We provide fox control and removal in Dauphin County which includes Lower Paxton Township, Middle Paxton Township, Susquehanna Township, Derry Township, Swatara Township, Lower Swatara Township, East Hanover Township, West Hanover Township, South Hanover Township, and Londonderry Township.

We provide fox control and removal in Cumberland County which includes East Pennsboro Township, Hampden Township, Lower Allen Township, Upper Allen Township, Middlesex Township, Silver Spring Township.

We provide fox control and removal in Perry County which includes Rye Township, Penn Township.

We provide fox control and removal in York County which includes Carrol Township, Newberry Township, Fairview Township, Monaghan Township.

Use extreme caution if you see a fox in the open during daylight, acting strangely or looking sick. Please call Nuisance Wildlife at 717-732-8099 and receive a FREE Phone Consultation for immediate humane removal of the offending creature, as these may be symptoms of rabies and should be handled by a professional. We have the experience to safely remove nuisances and keep them from coming in contact with you and your family.