Woodpecker & Bird Control and Removal

Birds…So Many Species, So Many Problems. Birds are not often thought of as nuisance animals, but if you have bird droppings on your cars, home or office buildings, irritating noise, nests in chimneys, vents or drain pipes, woodpeckers knocking on your home, you know they can be a real nuisance!

They are at home in urban and suburban areas and are often seen flying in large flocks and settling on wires, in trees and on buildings.

woodpecker-removalAbout Woodpeckers & Birds

Woodpeckers are a major nuisance during their mating season, from March to May. “Drumming” is the sharp, loud rhythmic tapping used to attract a mate or define their territory. This tapping is often done on trees or dead limbs, but when they move to your home — on siding, eaves, and other materials, it is not only annoying, but damaging. Holes drilled by the woodpecker can be several inches across, cone shaped, and they may even get to the insulation layer.

Roosting birds, blackbirds, crows, starlings, grackles, and even vultures, are known to flock in together in large numbers, and roost in trees near homes, parks and other public facilities. They tend to be omnivores — eating most anything — and can destroy large farm crops, orchards, gardens, and other natural resources. Some are aggressive and drive away desirable birds and steal their birdhouses.

Roosting birds, along with the sparrows, carry several diseases, including histolysis which causes respiratory ailments in humans. Other diseases include salmonellosis, chlamydeous, and Newcastle disease. Many of the diseases are not directly transmitted, rather via their droppings, causing them to be public health hazards. They will often carry insects such as bedbugs, ticks, fleas and mite, plus they can be extremely noisy and their droppings will damage the finish on cars.

Canada Geese are most recognized for the “V” shaped flying pattern during migration and loud honking. They are large birds that are the bane of farmers, parks, golf courses, lawns, pools and streams  all provide wide open areas for safe feeding, protected areas for nesting, and plentiful food and water for raising their goslings for 10-12 weeks after the hatch.

But an adult goose can drop 2 pounds of fecal matter daily producing an unsightly and unhealthy environment. Goose dung can burn the lawn, contaminate food, damage plants and crops, and change the ecology of water. The dung spread diseases and infections and can be a slipping and falling issue for public places.Aggressive birds, geese can fly up to 50 mph, knock over a child or senior, and will fly up and hit a human or pet in the face.

Their population has expanded exponentially in recent years, and they are become a very difficult to control nuisance bird.

Professional Removal and Control of Birds & Woodpeckers

Exclusion and control of birds is best left to the professionals who have special methods, techniques and tools to diminish, disperse, and keep these nuisance birds away from home and property.

Service Areas

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