Coyote Control and Removal

The coyote is one of the most adaptable and mobile wild animals. Originally plentiful in the northern Great Plains, changes in land use and human population has allowed the coyote to migrate to nearly all areas of America, including Pennsylvania. They are abundant in all areas, most likely as they discover easy sources of food and water as they venture closer to populous areas.

They can make their dens in holes on vacant lots, parks, golf courses, storm drains, under storage sheds, and many other spaces. Generally night creatures, they can still be spotted during the day, and the eerie sound of their howling can often be heard in the early evening.

coyote-removalAbout Coyotes

Coyotes will eat just about anything, and their size and strength lets them prey on livestock, deer, poultry and other wildlife. They mate early in the year and have their litter, consisting of 5 to 7 pups, in the spring.

As they migrate into suburban and even urban areas, they lose their fear of humans and encroach on our garbage, plentiful rodents, rabbits, pets and pet food. Our lush landscapes and green areas provide coyotes with abundant space and food sources. In the wild they have 3-16 square miles of space, but can live well on 1/4 to 1/2 square miles in suburban areas, leading to expanding populations.

Coyotes are generally leery of humans, but aggressive actions toward humans have increased in recent years. They have challenged joggers, bicyclists, people walking their pets and small children. Some people have been attacked/bitten.

They are attracted to easy food sources such as pet food and will kill cats and smaller dogs, although attacks on larger animals have also been reported. Keep all food sources secured, and watch your pets, especially at night.

Coyote Diseases

Coyotes can carry fleas, ticks and parasites that can transmit diseases to humans and domestic pets. They can also carry rabies.

Professional Removal and Control of Coyotes

Coyotes can be removed from the premises by trapping. The law demands that coyotes be euthanized in all cases to prevent rabies in humans and domestic animals.

Service Areas

We offer coyote control in Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, Duncannon, Enola, Dillsburg, Carlisle, Camp Hill, New Cumberland, Lemoyne, Wormleysburg, Hershey, Marysville, Hummelstown, Steelton, Middletown, Highspire, Halifax, Dauphin and other areas within a 25 mile radius of the Harrisburg area.

We provide coyote control in Dauphin County which includes Lower Paxton Township, Middle Paxton Township, Susquehanna Township, Derry Township, Swatara Township, Lower Swatara Township, East Hanover Township, West Hanover Township, South Hanover Township, and Londonderry Township.

We provide coyote control in Cumberland County which includes East Pennsboro Township, Hampden Township, Lower Allen Township, Upper Allen Township, Middlesex Township, Silver Spring Township.

We provide coyote control in Perry County which includes Rye Township, Penn Township.

We provide coyote control in York County which includes Carrol Township, Newberry Township, Fairview Township, Monaghan Township.

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