Raccoon Removal and Control

Serving Harrisburg PA and surrounding areas

Raccoons are perfectly at home with humans, and often make human habitats their own homes! Raccoons are known for their ringed tails and “bandit” masks…and their affinity for trash cans and any other easy source of human food. They will eat almost anything – pet food, fish, eggs, carrion, lawn grubs, field corn – and will even kill chickens and ducks by biting their heads off.

racoon-removalAbout Raccoons

Raccoons are nocturnal, excellent climbers, and have a keen sense of hearing, sight and smell. Their most important sense is touch, and, between their nimble front paws and their mental abilities, they can quickly learn to open locking mechanisms and other devices and can remember the process for years!

While their normal habitat is in the wild, they have made themselves equally at home near humans, given the abundance of easily available food sources. They will sleep or make dens in old trees, garages, abandoned houses and attics.

Raccoon Diseases

Rabies is the most prevalent disease that can be transmitted to humans by bites. Affected raccoons can sometimes be identified by a sickly appearance, impaired mobility and aggressiveness; however some infected animals have no visible symptoms. Keep your distance from all raccoons. If you see any of the signs described above, call us to remove the animal.

Raccoons can also carry a great number of roundworms in their digestive tract. The larvae of these roundworms can be contained in feces and can be ingested by humans through contact with the waste, causing illness and death.

Professional Removal and Control of Raccoons

Toppled trash cans and raided gardens can be a nuisance, but raccoons using the attic or other space for dens can cause a lot of damage. Additionally, since dens are known to several raccoons, eliminating one raccoon will not do the job since other raccoons may then inhabit the same den. Long term infestation can result without removing the animals properly and restricting access to food and sleeping/den areas.

Service Areas

We offer racoon control and removal in Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, Duncannon, Enola, Dillsburg, Carlisle, Camp Hill, New Cumberland, Lemoyne, Wormleysburg, Hershey, Marysville, Hummelstown, Steelton, Middletown, Highspire, Halifax, Dauphin and other areas within a 25 mile radius of the Harrisburg area.

We provide racoon control and removal in Dauphin County which includes Lower Paxton Township, Middle Paxton Township, Susquehanna Township, Derry Township, Swatara Township, Lower Swatara Township, East Hanover Township, West Hanover Township, South Hanover Township, and Londonderry Township.

We provide racoon control and removal in Cumberland County which includes East Pennsboro Township, Hampden Township, Lower Allen Township, Upper Allen Township, Middlesex Township, Silver Spring Township.

We provide racoon control and removal in Perry County which includes Rye Township, Penn Township.

We provide racoon control and removal in York County which includes Carrol Township, Newberry Township, Fairview Township, Monaghan Township.

Please call Nuisance Wildlife at 717-732-8099 and receive a FREE Phone Consultation for immediate humane removal of the offending creature and for proper trapping and disposal of raccoons to prevent transmitted rabies to humans and pets. It is dangerous (and against the law) to try to capture and relocate certain species.